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Great all season hiking boot with great support, high...

18.04.2017 - 19:51
Great all season hiking boot with great support, high levels of comfort, and good temperature regulation.
Quick drying
Buckets of traction
Amazing temperature control with good socks
Laces could grip better

Quick and Dirty: 

I love this boot. It's been across the Hardangividda in Norway with me, along the rugged Finnish coastline, through the German and Austrian alps, and into the jungles of the Colombian Sierra Nevada. We've seen -5°C, and we've seen 33°C, and I've never wished they could have done their job better. The laces aren't the most grippy, and the waterproofing needs to be kept clean to work 100%, but the levels of comfort and the temperature control make up for that many times over in my opinion.

Fit & Comfort:

The fit of this boot has been spot on for me from day one - something very unusual in my experience with hiking shoes of this type. My first outing with these shoes was the multi-day Berliner Höhenweg near Mayerhofen, Austria, and despite plenty of vertical and lots of varing surfaces, I was very comfortable.

The lacing system is simple, but manages to do a good job of distributing pressure around your foot, and I am yet to experience any "hotspots" or pressure points. The only downside I noticed so far regarding the laces is that they tend to come undone faster than other boots I've had. It's not a big deal if you tie your shoes properly in the first place, but let's face it: not everyone double knots their shoes all the time, even if they maybe should! 

I did get these 1/2 a size larger than my street shoes - I think this is normal, but just in case, give it a try. It definitely gives you a little more comfort on steep surfaces!


These are the best shoes I've owned to date. They're comfortable, cushion your feet beautifully, and grip on just about anything. The waterproofing is solid, but does require the shoes be kept clean. The Goretex membrane on the top of the toe is somewhat sensitve to leakage when it gets really dirty (but hey, you're buying all-weather hiking boots, not wellingtons...), but even if they do get a bit wet, they're still comfy, and they dry very quickly.

It's worth noting that something that makes these shoes such a great all-rounder is that they're not as stiff as some hardcore mountain boots. If I were looking to strap crampons on my shoes on a regular basis, I'd probably look elsewhere, but for everything else, these are my boots of choice (I do have a pair of LOWA big mountain shoes, but they're too stiff for just about anything other than crazy stuff, and they weigh a truckload, so they stay at home). 

Last thoughts:  

For someone looking for one pair of shoes to rule them all, these beauties from Mammut are a great option. They're comfortable, manage temperature amazingly well, and will give you confidence to put your feet down anywhere you need to. 

Note: I received these shoes as a Klout perk from Mammut. That being said, if I knew then what I did now, I'd go out and get a pair anyway. 

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